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Dr. Amber Greycarek

Dr. Amber Greycarek

Dr. Amber Greycarek earned her Bachelor of Agriculture degree in Dairy Science/Pre-Veterinarian from UW-River Falls and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from UW-Madison. She is currently working on her Masters in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine through the Chi Institute.

Being the link between caring pet owners and their pets is what she loves most about being a veterinarian. She enjoys meeting new people and seeing how much everyone cares about their animals. She wants to do her best to help both owners and pets in a calm, stress free, and caring environment.

Her specialties include integrative medicine, animal behavior, and low stress handling. One of her favorite parts about working in the field of veterinary medicine is able to help treat anxiety in animals in the clinic and at home.

She has four pets of her own! They are Stella (dog- 2 years old), Darwin (cat- 2 years old), Presley (Guinea pig- 3 years old), and Paintie (turtle- 20 years old).

Outside of work She loves to do many dog sports, including agility, scent work, and rally obedience. She also loves hiking and photography.